The Centre for Educational Research and Training (CECIP) will make its management according to internationally established guidelines from the postulates proposed by the World Declaration on Higher Education in the XXI century, for which understands its goals while ensuring compliance with the requirements from the system of quality management, still remain the same:

  • Comply with the development of diverse quality education, inclusive and consistent with its educational model working responsibly within the framework of autonomy, CECIP vision and mission.
  • Consolidate the system of teacher training through virtual portal CECIP, making visible the actors with their academic products, promoting the recognition of intellectual production and management support of its results.
  • Invigorating the research system, education and pedagogy from the development of project management that strengthen CECIPSTAS CECIP functions as being transdisciplinary education towards building knowledge.
  • Develop strategic alliances with research groups, education and teaching nationally and internationally to promote the development of project management, lines and networks for government sector organizations, productive and community with the use and ownership of project results and research.
  • Underpin a system of research publications and projects, disseminators of knowledge in organizations and academic, registered and accredited national and international.
  • Ensuring academic satisfaction from the community, beneficiaries and users of programs and services, and competition, effectiveness, competitive, efectivad efficiency of its management model of research projects, Education and Pedagogy, mejoramieno with feedback from the process and resource.