The Centre for Educational Research and Training: CECIP, charge of operating under the management of research projects, Education and Pedagogy, based on the principles and guidelines of the Global Education Network: REDEM.

Work from managing educational projects comprising various stages to final implementation to achieve a tangible and sustainable results expressed in the provision of services in pedagogy. , perception and information overview of the respective research projects, education and pedagogy from the idea, conception, implementation to ensure sustainability.


Consolidate as a training organization in the area of ​​research, competent education and pedagogy, effective, competitive, efficient and effective, responding to market demands from the new technological environments obeying the necedidades of current applicants for training, educational institutional guidelines and the need to implement a model on which to build new educational processes with established international guidelines considering the principles proposed in the World Declaration on Higher Education in the XXI century, “Vision and Action under Priority Action for Change and Development of Higher Education”.


Materalizar management in research projects, education and pedagogy at its best,from virtual learning environments as a means to provide academic quality from new technological environments to strengthen the professionalism of educators from production processes and service through training, advice and updated based teaching model of graduate,leading professional, social and economic actors of significant changes for humanity.